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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pure sculpt the same thing as cool sculpting?

No, cool sculpting is done by machine that freezes the fat, while pure sculpt also freezes fat cells it does not require a machine but instead uses a herbal ice that is a frozen lotion made of fat burning herbs and essential oils, which is then used in a circular moion on the body to break down fat cells.

Why is wearing sunscreen so important?

Sunscreen daily is very essential to skins overall health. It helps to prevent early signs of aging, as well as sun spots caused by the damaging sun rays.

Why do you require facial plans and treatments before given someone a chemical peel?

Chemicals are very intense procedures and very effective once the skin can tolerate it. Your skin has to build up a tolerance for a certain level of chemical peel. We start you off with a consultation and a through skin analysis to see which route should be taken before hand.

What are mink eyelash extensions?

Mink eyelash extensions are one of the three types of eyelash extensions there are: silk mink, synthetic. Mink lashes are known to be the best and most common out of the three. Mink eyelash extensions are the softest, curviest, flirtatious kind of lashes you could have; they are applied to each the person's single strand of natural lashes. Mink eyelash extensions are made of real mink fur.

What is the difference between mink lash extensions and individuals?

Individuals are thicker and applied more heavily. Individuals consist of clusters, that have three to five strands of synthetic hair on them which gives them the thick dramatic look. Mink lashes are single stranded and applied to the person's eyelash, lash by lash. They can be doubled placed on a natural lash to give it more volume and we like to call those volume lashes. 

How long do mink eyelashes take to apply? 

Depending on what type of lash look you want, it could take between 90 minutes to 120 minutes. This time covers anything between classic, volume, or a mixture of both. 

Do mink eyelash extensions take out your natural lashes?

No. It is best to always go to a trained professional. If applied properly no damage should occur. If taken care of properly after the application this decreases the risk of losing any natural eyelashes.

How long do mink eyelashes last?

This really depends on you. Properly caring for your mink lash extensions are essential to its longevity. Make sure to wait 24-48 hours before wetting your eyelashes once application is complete.

Is laser hair removal for people with darker skin complexions?

Definitely yes! In fact laser hair removal is more effective on brown and black hair. However, there are lasers fit for all skin types. 

Will laser hair removal be overly expensive?

Normally laser hair removal is known to cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars over a short period of time. That has changed now. In fact laser hair removal is one of the best investments you could give yourself. Laser hair removal is broken down into monthly sessions that are under a hundred dollars.

What is eyebrow tinting?

Eyebrow tinting is the process of dyeing eyebrows to give them a fuller and thicker look. This process can also enhance the look of the lash after being waxed, arched, or threaded. Eyebrow tinting can be done on someone with little to no eyebrows at all.

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